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Aug 13, 2012

Spider-Man: The Comparative Review

so have you guys watched the Amazing Spider-Man yet? i have, like, twice. and it’s all because of the amazing Andrew Garfield. yeah, he’s the one that keeps me captivated.

but i don’t wanna tell you about how gorgeous Andrew Garfield was, or how adorable his smile was. i’m pretty sure that would bore you (well, except if you have the same crush as i did ;p). Here, i want to talk about the movie, and how it is compared to the previous saga. because of course, since the latest movie is a reboot, which the main plot of the story is basically back to the beginning when Peter Parker just discovered his power. so in the end in our head, we’re certainly gonna compare both movies.

first off, I’m really excited that the new Spider-Man is made under Marvel Studios. that means, there are possibilities that we can see more of this web-maker creature in the Marvel Universe. i mean, i’m sure everyone will be excited to see the man in the red-and-blue-web suit joins the Avengers team, won’t they? not to mention that Spider-Man is the most well-known character from Marvel Comics, off course everyone is gonna be thrilled to see Spider-Man on Avengers team.

apart from that, what about the storyline? well, since the new Spider-Man is a reboot movie, so there isn’t much difference in the storyline between the old Spider-Man franchise and the new one. they were telling us about Peter Parker and how he became Spider-Man. if you have seen both of the movies, then you can see that there are several plots from the story that is taken from the previous franchise. for instance is from the death of Uncle Ben scene (wait, this is not a spoiler, isn’t it? :p). the premise on how Uncle Ben died is similar to the premise in Spider-Man 1. the difference is in the details, as in where and how it happened. as for the part where Peter got bit by the radioactive spider, i like the interpretation from the first movie better than the reboot. for me, the way Peter got bit in the reboot movie is less ‘Peter Parker’ than the original one. but overall, i am satisfied with the storyline of the new Spider-Man, especially when the new one is repose around the comic book and animated version, but we’ll get back to that later.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        and now let’s talk about the main character, Peter Parker/Spider-Man. as i was saying, Peter Parker from the new Spider-Man movie is less ‘Peter Parker’ than Peter Parker from the original Spider-Man movie, you know what i mean? well, he’s more cool and less nerd in the new movie, while Peter Parker in my opinion should be more nerd and minding his own business. well to start it off, i think Andrew Garfield is way too handsome to be Peter Parker! (off course i am thankful for that :p). Peter Parker is a nerd and cool in a nerd’s way and Tobey Maguire captures all of that persona, which is why i like Maguire’s version of Peter Parker better than Garfield’s. but when it comes to Spider-Man, it was Garfield’s portrayal that represents the Spider-Man persona best. from the comic book and animated version we’ve known Spider-Man as playful and sometimes act as a punk, or in an Indonesian word, ‘tengil’. Garfield’s Spider-Man suits that character.

another thing to add about the cast from the reboot version is that you won’t find the lovely Mary Jane Watson nor the gorgeous Harry Osborn in here. they seems to have vanished out of thin air, like they never existed in the reboot world. instead, they have Gwen Stacy. we know Gwen from the movie Spider-Man 3 as Peter’s college friend.

in the whole, i really enjoyed watching all of the Spider-Man movies. they’re really enjoyable to watch. well, i can’t help to notice that it was between the character of Spider-Man/Peter Parker that the movies have some differences, while other part of the movies such as story line and supporting cast is not that much of a difference. but it is still enjoyable because even though both versions have different taste and style in delivering their own interpretation of the main characters, in some ways they’re still loyal to the characters and events from the comic book.

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