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Pamulang, Indonesia
damn my education, i can't find the words to say about the things caught in my mind. always dreaming, never realizing. the in-between girl, trapped in reality while longing for the fantasy. have a thing for Noel Gallagher and obsessed with UK.

Dec 18, 2010

lost and (not yet) found

I've been lost in my conscious for a while
I couldn't find my way back
I'm struggled to find the right mile
That could lead the way back

Something's wrong with my confidence
They're starting to fade away
I'm too nervous to hold my defense
So i hide myself and run away

The voices in my head are excruciating me
Should i second-guessed everything i do?
Should i rush off before i even think?
Can anyone please tell me what to do?
I just can't keep wondering all the time.

How can i still don't know who i am?
After 21 years of living in this world
Which part of myself did i understand?
Feeling like i'm no older than a 5 years old.

Been trying to shape my personality
But i think i'm doing it wrong.
There's no manual book of me
I can't figure it out at all.