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Pamulang, Indonesia
damn my education, i can't find the words to say about the things caught in my mind. always dreaming, never realizing. the in-between girl, trapped in reality while longing for the fantasy. have a thing for Noel Gallagher and obsessed with UK.

Oct 24, 2009

flustered girl.

a flustered girl
alone beneath the crowd
remain silent while others blurt out

the tears covered her eyes
she feels something she denies
"i don't like it here," she said
"i don't belong here," she said.

not knowing what to do as she cries
and everyone just won't notice.
they won't notice.

she's just got lost
with arms fold across
still tries to figure out
what to do with her life

she's just got lost
but i'm sure someday
she will find what she's looking for

keep searching
don't give up
everything will be alright
don't be scared
do your own thing
instead of beating yourself up

ah when she finally find her thing
we'll meet again in Spring.

*i dedicate this note to my dear friend who feels like she doesn't belong where she is. stay strong my dear, i know you do.