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Pamulang, Indonesia
damn my education, i can't find the words to say about the things caught in my mind. always dreaming, never realizing. the in-between girl, trapped in reality while longing for the fantasy. have a thing for Noel Gallagher and obsessed with UK.

Feb 12, 2011

pelajaran hidup the dawn of the night,

ashry_ryzqan: makanya...
ashry_ryzqan: coba lo komunikasi...dengan inner self lo...
ashry_ryzqan: apa tujuan lo hidup...
ashry_ryzqan: norma apa yang lo miliki...
ashry_ryzqan: prinsip apa yang lo pegang,,,
ashry_ryzqan: apa kekurangan dan kelebihan lo...
ashry_ryzqan: siapa orang yang jadi kawan dan musuh lo...
ashry_ryzqan: itu semua harus lo jawab
ashry_ryzqan: klo semua udah terisi
ashry_ryzqan: berarti lo dah punya blueprint untuk mengaplikasikan ilmu lo lebih tepat guna
Maulida Dissa: asik
ashry_ryzqan: ohya satu lagi, siapakah diri lo....
Maulida Dissa: hmmm
ashry_ryzqan: sepele kan?
ashry_ryzqan: tapi pasti lo bakalan mikir dalam2 deh
ashry_ryzqan: hahahaha

ashry_ryzqan: klo bisa lo jawab semua...cuma ada 1 kata...
ashry_ryzqan: BAHAGIA.

PR ini hanya saya dan waktu yang bisa menjawabnya.

Feb 9, 2011

a little memo from the past

[December 16th, 2010] 

i have no idea what's happening in my heart
like it's having a life on its own
one day i feel love
the next day i feel flat.
not exactly sure what to feel
like a melted ice cream in a sunny day
the feeling's slipping away.

maybe it's just curiosity
misleading us into the wrong direction

oh, sweet thing
why do i let it slip away?
why can't my mind control what's happening in my emotion?

thankfully i've come to my senses before i'm in too deep.