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damn my education, i can't find the words to say about the things caught in my mind. always dreaming, never realizing. the in-between girl, trapped in reality while longing for the fantasy. have a thing for Noel Gallagher and obsessed with UK.

Oct 14, 2010

mystery of the missing book: The Relieved Part

a couple days ago i told you a story about the missing library book and finally, i've got a (rather) happy ending to the story. by the way, no; the book hasn't been found up until now if that's what you think. so why did i call it a happy ending? 

because my worst scenario of how i should return the book isn't happening. my worst scenario is whether i:
1. should pay fine for as much as the cost of the book, which i'm sure is not cheap at all (considering the book is imported from U.S), or
2.  should substitute the exactly same book as the one that i've lost to the library which i don't know where on earth *not exactly earth, maybe just in Jakarta area :p* should i find the book, because of the same consideration as the above.

and i have to do none of the above! i was told to just simply copy that missing book with another exact same book from the library and give the copied version to the library. it is sooo major relieve to me because i don't have to spend much cost nor energy nor time to replace the book! yeheeaah glory glory the librarian alrighty! :D

Oct 11, 2010

mystery of the missing book

okay, so i just copied another book from the library. it is called "The Casebook of Abnormal Psychology" or some sort.  i found that book interesting because it presents the cases that we usually find in the sphere of clinical psychology, which is why the book is pretty important for me as a student with specialization to Clinical Psychology, and thus led me to copy that book in the first place. i copied that library book along with 2 of my friends, making the book being copied 3 times. the price of copying the book is Rp. 33,000 each. so then i paid Rp. 99,000 (along with my friends' books that they will have to pay for) and i put those books (3 copied books and one original book) inside a black 'kresek' bag.

long story short, in the middle of the day i have to go to Campus 1. I remembered hooking that 'kresek' bag in my motorcycle along with my backpack on the footstep of the (matic) motorcycle because at that time i was thinking,  
"is it really safe to hook this 'kresek' bag here?" 
but i ignored the thought. 

the trip from my campus (Campus 2) to Campus 1 is not that far, and i was riding along with 2 friends in the backseat (yeah, i know that's against the law :D ) and none of us feel anything different. When i parked my motorcycle and try to get the 'kresek' bag, that was when i realized the 'kresek' bag wasn't there!! i suddenly felt my heartbeat stopped for a while. but i shouldn't be panicked. 
"maybe it fell somewhere in the way, and it was left in there." 
was my thought at that time. so i wasn't panicked and tried to retrace my steps back to Campus 2. but when i managed to retrace the steps, i still couldn't find the bag i was looking for! whoaaa, after that, a wave of panic starts to rush in. 
"what should i do? what will happen when i couldn't return that library book? how are my friends gonna react when i tell them that the book is missing?"
those questions jumbled up in my head, making me unable to think something else. even after i double-checked the road, looking for something black and (seemingly) heavy 'kresek' bag, i still haven't found what i was looking for! huhuuuu *teary*

the BIG question here is, you know, the bag was kinda heavy (yeah, with 4 books gathered in one bag, no wonder). so if it fell from the motorcycle, i should feel something fell off the motorcycle, right? (at least the sound of *bum*, considering the weight) but i didn't feel or hear a thing, and neither did my friends who was riding with me. and if it really was fell of the motorcycle, then the people walking by should recognize that something tumbled from the motorcycle and at least warned me about it (considering the street i passed was rather small and crowded with home residents). but they weren't, and after i retraced the steps for the second time and asked them whether or not they have seen a 'kresek' bag with books in it, they didn't notice it at all!

hell, even after i went back retracing my steps for the THIRD time (with a little help from my friend, Astrid) and asked the home residents one by one, i still haven't found that damn little black 'kresek' bag with the library book in it! arrgghh~

*what should i say to the librarian on duty when i couldn't return the book? the classic saying, "the book is missing, sir" is unacceptable, i think :'(

Oct 4, 2010

did you? i guess not.

did you and your friends
ever include me in one of your endless topics of conversation?
did you ever feel that tingly feelings
when i text you in the middle of the night, however unimportant the content is?
did your heart beats faster
every time i run into you and say hi to you with the sweetest voice i could possibly have?
did you ever get nervous
when you're talking to me and i listened to you while looking in your eyes?
did you ever hoping
that the conversation we have won't have to end?
did you?

because i do.
and i know you didn't.

and i bet you didn't noticed
that most of the time i tried to catch your eyes when i sense that you look into my direction
and i think you didn't even curious
why i'm always trying to be near you every time we get the chance to meet
and i know that you haven't realized
that little by little, i am enchanted by your talk, your walk, and your way of owning the room.

i guess not, huh?